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Cat Infiltrates The Market, Tries To Steal Cat Food, But Ends Up Sleeping

A hungry cat barged into a store early in the morning with a single goal in mind: to consume cat food. He managed to avoid detection by Tesco personnel in Rugby, England, and successfully reached the feed corridor, but an unforeseen event derailed his plan: he fell asleep.

Credit: Fascinating Things

As evidenced by the statement, he examined the various meals and selected a 2.49 pound portion. He even dropped it on the floor, but then he fell asleep suddenly.

Melanie Morris-Jones, 39, was the first to catch the thief after going to the market to grab something to eat and drink. She inquired of a cashier whether he was aware that he had a cat in the feed corridor.

Credit: Fascinating Things

Surprisingly, the cashier said that this cat comes in every time, but this time he tried to steal and ended up napping.

Credit: Fascinating Things