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Her Old Bear Friend Visits Her After Years Without Seeing Each Other And Falls Asleep In The Children’s Pool

Nothing is more energizing than witnessing wild creatures in their natural environment, basking in the freedom and bliss of not having a care in the world because their largest “predator,” humans, are kept at a safe distance.

However, there are instances when we have encroached so heavily that it is usual for families in some places to see unforeseen visits that leave them gasping for air.

Regina Keller

When a black bear entered Regina Keller’s property, she was watering her flowers. The plantigrade was compelled to seek for a source of cooling due to the severe summer’s high temperatures.

The enormous beast couldn’t have chosen a better spot to take a little sleep than the tiny children’s pool, making it seem as though it were the antithesis of the well-known story “Goldilocks and the three bears.”

Regina Keller

Since the action takes place in Regina’s home in Fort Valley, which is close to the George Washington National Forest, she is accustomed to a wide variety of creatures, including deer, foxes, squirrels, and of course, bears. pause and visit her garden.

Regina Keller

The strange thing about this incident, however, is that the woman and the bear were previously acquainted, as Regina said on her social media account. She had not seen her in two years, so when she first saw him, she immediately knew him. She was especially happy since this bear was the “biggest she had ever seen in her life.”

Regina Keller

We unquestionably require a larger pool! Regina’s writing made people giggle.

He said, “He strolled around the backyard, went over to the pool, put his large paw in the water, got in and laid down.

Regina Keller

The shocked woman was forced to move a chair close to the door so that she could observe and think about the incredible spectacle that was playing out before her.

Regina Keller

It was amazing to be able to observe it and film it with my camera, said Keller.

Regina didn’t think twice about sending her pals the priceless video, which quickly went viral.