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When The Stray Dog Realizes The Guy Is Taking Him Home, He Finally Relaxes

Anand Raman decided to pay a visit to his sister at work on a scorching day in Dubai. Everyone he encountered seemed to be trying to remain cool, including one filthy young puppy who sought shelter behind a parked car outside his sister’s office.

“He was eating scraps left for him by some of her workers behind a car,” Raman told The Dodo. “His fur was matted, and his legs were crooked.”

Anand Raman made a visit to his sister at her workplace on a scorching day in Dubai. Everyone he passed seemed to be trying to remain cool, including a filthy young puppy outside his sister’s office, who was seeking shade beneath a parked car.

Raman told The Dodo that he was eating scraps left for him under a car by some of her colleagues. “His fur was matted, and his legs were off.”

“We then sat on the pavement for a while, and he was satisfied simply getting pets from me for a bit,” Raman said. “I carried him into the car and he fell asleep on my shoulder right away.”


Raman was able to drive the dog straight to the vet with the aid of his sister and brother-in-law. “When I first got him, he was weary, which is why he fell asleep straight away in the car on the way to the hospital,” Raman said.

Raman found the cause of the dog’s unsteady walk in the clinic: he had rickets in both of his front legs due to malnutrition. Thankfully, the disease is curable and has no long-term effects.

When Raman returned home, he gave the dog a bath and was taken aback by what he discovered: “I was startled to see that his fur was truly pure white after all the filth and grime was washed off his body.”


After his fur, Raman named the dog Snowy, after the faithful dog from the comic “The Adventures of Tintin.”


But it took longer than Raman expected to convince the young puppy who had spent his entire life living on the streets that he was finally safe.

“Getting him used to living in a house wasn’t simple at first,” Raman said. “He didn’t know where to go or what to look for, so he sat in a corner.”

“When I would take him for walks, he was always afraid that I would abandon him on the streets, so he would rip his leash away from me and rush back into our building complex’s parking lot,” Raman explained. “This went on for a while until he realized we wouldn’t let him go anyplace quickly.”


Snowy eventually realizes that he is needed and cherished two months later.

“He sleeps and waits for us to get home from work, at which point he showers us with affection, which we return,” Raman explained. “He also gets along swimmingly with every dog he meets and is extremely well-behaved around children and visitors.”

Snowy, on the other hand, has retained one thing from his past. Even when he isn’t asleep, he loves embraces from his father.