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Florida Police Share Heartwarming Photo of Officer and Partner K-9 Holding Hands During Hurricane

The first responders and rescuers have been working around the clock since Hurricane Irma devastated most of Florida. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department published a picture of a worn-out officer with his sleeping K-9 on Sunday.

This couple of roommates were able to survive Hurricane Irma together when thousands Floridians evacuated over the weekend.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department (FLPD) tweeted this touching image on Sunday, highlighting the calm resolve and unity of first responders who put themselves in danger to help those in need. The image also features service animals.

According to TODAY, FLPD officer Kenneth Somma is seen sleeping in a shelter with his K-9 companion, Eddie, while holding hands while a strong storm rages outside in the picture that went viral.

According to a police spokeswoman, The Dodo:

The moment Officer Somma and his K-9 companion were sent to their designated spot of refuge amid Hurricane Irma’s worst gusts, the picture was snapped. For emergency response and cleanup tasks, all of our cops and critical staff are working 12-hour shifts in the Alpha/Bravo pattern.

The photo of the police officer and Eddie rapidly went viral on social media, where it has since come to symbolize the rescuers’ unwavering resolve in the face of one of the hurricanes with the most destructive winds on record. And as is frequently the case during such trying times, devoted canines like Eddie are everywhere, helping to save lives.