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Charming Pony Won’t Stop Kissing The Puppy He Met Who Is Now His Best Friend

Friendship may blossom at the most inopportune times, and it is apparent that it can also blossom between entirely different beings in the case of this adorable pony. Sutton is a four-month-old horse who likes to chase after his new best friend and lavish him with affection.

Emma Bom

This adorable couple hails from Hexham, Northumberland, and lives with their caring owner Emma Bom. She and her husband Mark live in a country property with an eight-dog litter, all of whom are brothers of the excellent Dom, but only he was able to form an unbreakable link with the pony.

The situation has been weird for Emma since this dog was previously not particularly friendly, but it appears that the birth of the equine has given him a sense of fatherhood.

Emma Bom

When Emma drives to the stable, Dom chases her down to let him say hello to Sutton, and when the pony is loose on the farm, he goes to visit the tiny dog. All of this is amusing to their owners.

“We’re not sure if Sutton believes Dom is a horse or a dog, or maybe a little bit of both,” Emma explained.

Emma Bom

Despite the fact that there are other dogs on the property who look a lot like Dom, the pony is unconcerned and chooses to spend his time with his closest buddy, searching for pleasure and security.

Days are happier for this duo when they are together, which makes their owners tender, which is why they have decided to document the days of such a special connection.

Emma Bom

Although this form of connection across animals is uncommon, there are always instances where love triumphs. And without a doubt, it is what this dog and the pony have in common.

“It’s been fantastic, and seeing them together makes my heart so glad,” the woman added.

Emma Bom

The good news is that because it’s a pony, the puppy won’t have to be concerned about his pal becoming too large. Sutton’s energy, on the other hand, are increasing by the day, and we can only hope that the noble Dom can keep up with him a little.

It appears that way at times, because these wonderful buddies do everything together and their parents save every moment. Emma keeps track of Dom and Sutton’s adventures on their Instagram account.

Emma Bom