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“Meet Hamlet, The Piggy Who Saved My Life”

I’m frequently asked why I have a pet pig. I was diagnosed with epilepsy in college. A week after I got married, I went from having one or two seizures a year to eight to ten a day. Daily activities became like climbing Everest to me. My husband wanted a companion for me, but he is extremely allergic to dogs and cats. I showed him a video of a mini pig playing with a dog and he was sold.

Hamlet came to me in a seemingly hopeless situation. She never left my side on my worst days and was always ready to play. She’s the reason I took up photography. I wanted to capture all of our silly adventures and share her amazing personality.

Hamlet saved me. My epilepsy taught me how frail life can be. Hamlet taught me that life is a beautiful gift despite its frailty. I hope Hamlet’s photos bring you as much joy, laughter, and love as she’s brought me./ Boredpanda