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This Dog Was About To Be Euthanized, But Was Adopted And Saved Her Family By Detecting A Gas Leak

Kailey, a three-year-old rescue dog, saved her family and the entire neighborhood when she discovered a gas leak. Kailey was set to be put down because she couldn’t find a permanent home, but Suzy Chandler rescued her last month. This dog was cared for by Jacqueline Berlin and Keith Santer-Perham for several months.

She only had one issue—if you try to touch her and she doesn’t know you, she’ll bite you. This is because she had a past trauma. It was very challenging to adopt her because of her issue.

Suzy Chandler, his mother in the flesh, said:

Because we don’t know what may have occurred, she is our hero dog.

On December 30, Kailey started acting a little differently on a Friday morning.

She suddenly began barking, staring at us, and snarling in an apparent attempt to grab our attention. I asked what was wrong with her.

“She took me out to the side yard and led me there. She smelled gas at me right away, and I heard a loud hissing sound.

DeKalb County firemen responded to Chandler’s 911 call and said they had to do an aerial surveillance check of a nearby apartment complex, which is home to many youngsters, according to Chandler.

By Keith Santer-Perham

Kailey is a very, very excellent dog, and I thought she was just sort of kind. I thought that was remarkable.

With the help of this wonderful tale, it is hoped that more people will realize how wonderful pets are, how much joy they can bring, and how they can actually save your life.