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Very Weak Puppy Had To Crawl To Get The Attention Of His Rescuers

Daniel and 294 other puppies were saved from a puppy factory in Madison County, Arkansas, where they were being used for profit (United States). This dog struggled to rise up because of his frailty and dragged himself towards his rescuers. He was famished and ill.

Local officials and representatives of the Humane Society of the United States saved the dog (HSUS). All of the pets were suffering in appalling circumstances.

One of the rescues, Jessica Lauginiger, stated to The Dodo:

“I still recall my first encounter with Daniel, who crawled toward us through mounds of feces and dirt while whimpering as if he knew we were there to save him. As soon as we found him, he was spirited and fighting.

All of the puppies were reared like pets shop products, denied access to clean food and water, and lived on top of dirt.

Fortunately, they managed to get out of this miserable place.

Jennifer stated:

No animal should ever be made to live in the circumstances we have seen today.

The dogs were saved and taken to a shelter where they received the required medical care.