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Pitbull Is Always Checking On His New Little Sister To Make Sure She’s Okay

Pit bull Ellie was saved by Kevin Smith and his wife. They recall how terrified she was and how she appeared more fearful of guys, but Kevin didn’t want to give up, so she did.

Kevin was confident that his efforts would succeed in assisting Ellie in coming to trust him. He constantly showed her a lot of love and patience. His efforts went unnoticed until one day.

She was so afraid to even stand up that at first I was concerned. She could tell that she had a difficult time since she was completely frozen to the ground. She now desires the affection and devotion of everyone.


For a whole year, Ellie basked in her adoptive parents’ unconditional devotion. The pair weren’t sure how their dog would be affected when Kevin’s wife became pregnant, but as the months passed and Ellie’s mother’s tummy grew, she appeared excited to meet her new little sister.


Kevin remembers:

“Ellie used to rest her head on my wife’s abdomen and listen to her when she was getting near to giving birth. In most cases, it happened over night.


Ellie fell in love with Peytyn immediately after meeting the infant and has since craved her company. She seemed to have patiently awaited that time.

Kevin says

Usually Ellie is delighted to see us while Peytyn is in the bedroom, but this time she ignored us and went directly to visit Peytyn.


Ellie is now Peytyn’s full-time, designated caregiver, and she always goes with the infant everywhere she has to go. Since the dog merely tries to make sure everything is okay, the family eventually got used to her displays of affection. At first it was a little irritating.