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Man And Donkey Cry With Joy As They Reunite After Quarantine

Due to COVID-19, Ismael Fernández, who resides in Spain with his family, has spent the previous few months adhering to the quarantine requirements without being allowed to meet the other members of his family. Ismael, though, has also missed his beloved donkey named Baldomera in addition to his family members.

The guy and Baldomera had an emotional reunion once the roadblock started to be lifted and he was able to go close to his brother’s home.

Once a week, Ismael would visit his brother and Baldomera (or Baldo, as he prefers to be called) and take a trip through the nearby mountains, but this custom was put on hold because of the quarantine.

Image/ Ismael Fernandez

He left his captivity and headed to his brother’s residence now that certain limitations had been removed.

Ishmael said to The Dodo:

“While many people wanted to attend clubs, I preferred to go see my burrita. She really missed her, so I went to see her right away.

Image/ Ismael Fernandez

Ismael phoned Baldo as soon as he arrived at the property belonging to his family, and she rushed out to see him.

He continued:

He had never heard that sound from her before, and when she saw me, she also began to weep. We both sobbed together. I was sobbing because I was so delighted to see her.

You can watch the moving moment’s video here:

Baldo has not wanted to be apart from his pal in the days since the encounter.

Ishmael says:

“My brother seems a little envious, I believe. She has been under my care the entire time, but now that he is happier, she just wants to be with me.”

But now that Baldo and Ismael include their brother in their daily strolls, their time apart has only strengthened their bond. This reunion after several days apart was able to show how much the guy and this donkey care for one another.

Image/ Ismael Fernandez