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Pregnant Opossum Found Near Death Hugs Her Savior

Judy Obregon came across a pregnant opossum and, despite the fact that it appeared to be dead, she stopped, saving the life of the helpless animal. Judy was driving when she noticed what appeared to be a dead opossum on the road, but upon closer inspection, the small animal lifted its head and moved away from her.

Judy approached her and discovered that she was not only hurt but also pregnant after being shot with a pellet pistol.


According to Judy, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I knew there was no way I could just walk away.”

She put the possum in a box and transported it to her mother-in-house law’s until wildlife rehabilitator Tabatha came.


Tabatha explained:

“He never tried to bite me once.” She understands that I’m here to help her, not to harm her. I believe she has potential ».


Angel, the poor opossum, was terrified, so she embraced Tabatha’s husband to feel comfortable.

Judy, the founder of an animal rescue organization in Fort Worth, Texas, encounters circumstances like this on a daily basis since she saves dogs and cats.


judy remarked:

«It wasn’t typical for me because I normally rescue dogs and cats. This is unusual for me, but I wouldn’t have noticed if it hadn’t happened. She was alive creature with a pulsating heart when I discovered her.”


Angel has subsequently made a full recovery and has been released on a 60-acre farm with no hunting restrictions. She currently lives on the property with other possums, which includes a pond and a lake.