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Four Boys Come To The Rescue Of A Skinny, Abandoned Dog Tied By Elastic Bands

Four teenage heroes in Detroit saved the life of an abandoned puppy, and now the dog has a second chance because to their generosity! When Kenny (13), Kenneth (11), Kevin (7), and Andrew (7) were assisting a woman with her move, they discovered an abandoned dog tethered to an empty house with bungee cords.

They saw the dog was thin and hungry and decided to help her. She was shivering, so one of the youngsters covered her in his coat to keep her warm.

They took her home, fed her bolognese and water, and did everything they could to assist her. The dog was given the name “Sparkle” by the brothers.

Credit: Detroit Pit Crew Rescue

While caring for her, Detroit Pit Crew Rescue happened to be passing through the area and approached the kids with the dog.

“Our heroes of the day!” said Theresa Sumpter, the rescuer’s creator, on Facebook. Young dog rescuers are getting their feet wet. These wonderful children rescued a puppy who had been placed on bungee cords and kept her secure until we could come and collect her.”

Credit: Detroit Pit Crew Rescue

The lads were overjoyed when Detroit Pit Crew stated that they could take Sparkle to the vet and find her a home. One of the children remarked that saving the dog made him “feel fantastic.”

Sumpter told WDIV, “You could see they truly adore this dog.” “They were quite protective of the puppy and wanted to ensure that it was placed in a safe environment.”

Sumpter recorded a brief interview with the lads and expressed his gratitude for their efforts. They appear to be a member of the Pit Crew for future rescues as well!

“We did make sure that these young people were compensated for their efforts,” Sumpter said, “and for those who want to support the youth in Detroit, please give to Detroit public schools if you want to make a difference in their lives.”

Credit: Detroit Pit Crew Rescue

Sparkle does not have mange, despite what the rescuers assumed at first. Aside from being thin, she appears to be in wonderful health. Sparkle appears to be a pleasant, loving dog that gets along well with children, based on the images and video supplied by Detroit Pit Crew Rescue.