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Puppy Has The Most Heartwarming Reaction To Smelling His Late Owner’s Scent On His Clothes

Paquito, this dog’s dearest buddy, may have died away a long time ago, but he still lives in memory and, more importantly, in this small dog’s heart. Paquito demonstrates once more that animals can experience emotion in the heartbreaking video that follows.

According to Evlyn Castro, Paquito and her uncle shared a close bond for a long time. Their relationship went beyond that of simple buddies and was highly unique. Instead, they viewed one another as their father and son. Sadly, though, their time together was short-lived.

Evlyn stated to The Dodo:

“My uncle constantly drove him around. They were quite near.

Evlyn Castro

The uncle of Evlyn went away six years ago after he regretfully succumbed to the sickness from which he had been ill. And Paquito was plainly heartbroken.

The dog survived the loss just like the other loved ones of his human father, and the family did everything they could to support him. However, it has lately come to light that the dog’s closest buddy was always on his thoughts.

Evlyn Castro

Evlyn was assisting her aunt in sorting through some cartons of her uncle’s damp clothes. Something really moving occurred during the procedure.

She uttered:

“We removed all of the clothing and spread it out on the ground to complete drying. When we opened, Paquito rushed inside. He spent a lot of time hugging and sniffing the clothing while he laid on them.

Paquito may have briefly felt as though he was back in the arms of his closest buddy when he smelled his human father’s aroma on the clothing.

The video was tweeted by Evlyn with the accompanying description:

“With that from the rains, we removed boxes and everything to clean, and from those boxes, one was made up entirely of my uncle’s (who has since died away) clean clothing; he was the owner of Paquito (the dog), and ever since we removed the clothes, he hasn’t taken them off from her.”

Says evlyn

He finally noticed her aroma after years. She didn’t want to leave the clothing behind. He was quite sensitive.