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Woman Slams On The Brakes When She Sees A Homeless Dog With A Heavy Chain Around Its Neck

A dog stood on the shoulder of a busy four-lane highway, a hefty chain around her neck. She’d get run over if she simply took a foot onto the road. However, Ashli Garza, a Texas-based freelance rescuer, observed this homeless puppy while heading to a business appointment and slammed on her brakes.

“I wasn’t sure what I was going to do because there are a lot of strays around here, and not all of them are easy to catch because they’re so used to being scared off or treated poorly.” “My first thought was to get a photo of her before she ran away; we have a local facebook page for lost and found dogs.”

Ashli ​​Heron

The dog was drenched in dirt, and the woman saw the massive rusted chain around her neck.

Ashli ​​Heron

Ashly stated:

“I’m astonished the only harm she did was minor skin irritation and peeling; I don’t know how she raised her head from her, and I’m not exaggerating.”

Ashli ​​Heron

Ashli still had her work appointment, and she had her best friend’s wedding dress in her car, which she couldn’t get filthy, but she couldn’t go without her, whom she felt had been abandoned by her previous owner.

She stated:

“I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, this dog is dirty, and I have my friend’s wedding dress in the van. This could really go bad fast.'”

Ashli ​​Heron

But Ashli ignored her concerns and lured the puppy into the back of her car. She then attempted to remove the chain, which weighed around 20 pounds, but the woman was unable to accomplish it alone.

So she went to her date, constantly checking her rearview mirror to make sure the puppy was okay.

Ashli ​​Heron