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Man Breaks Down In Tears When He Finds Out That He Will Be Able To Keep His Foster Dog

Toby, a little puppy, was discovered in an auto repair shop in South Korea, most likely after being abandoned by his former owners. Toby was transported to a shelter, but due to a lack of room, he had to spend the most of his time in an outside kennel, battling the winter cold with minimal protection.

Toby was later saved from that facility by Band For Animal, a rescue organization dedicated to rescuing dogs from the dog meat trade and other dangerous conditions.

He was subsequently evacuated to the United States, where he was swiftly placed with a foster home.

Ann Hoang

Ann Hoang desired to add a second dog to her family, but her husband was unsure, so they opted to foster her first. They decided that if all went well, they would acquire another rescue dog. That was their intention until they met Toby.

When Toby initially arrived at the foster home, he was terrified. He was so terrified that he refused to come out of his cage, and even when he did, he was hesitant to sit or lie down, preferring to gaze at all the new members of his family.

Ann Hoang

But the loving family was very patient with him and gave him the same amount of love and care as the tiny child, who quickly understood he was safe and fell in love with everyone, especially Ann’s husband.

Ann stated to The Dodo:

“At first, my husband was skeptical of Toby since he was so quiet, and it was also our first foster placement.” Toby, on the other hand, had sat next to my husband and stared at him with puppy dog eyes the first night, and my husband saw the goodness of God in Toby’s face. Toby soon felt attached to my spouse after that.”

Ann Hoang

When Toby finally felt at ease at home, his genuine personality emerged, and his entire foster family fell in love with him. They acted as if they had known one other forever, even with Charlie, his sister who was also saved from him.

The intention had always been to provide Toby with a temporary residence, but Ann quickly recognized that this was not feasible, especially for her husband.

She stated:

“There were two families that wanted to meet with Toby, and when that happened, I understood how much my husband would miss him.”

Ann Hoang

Ann’s husband and Toby had only been together for a week, but they were already inseparable.

“My spouse is such a nice guy who constantly puts others ahead of himself.” He has never asked for anything or desired anything. Toby was the first moment in which I could see him being distraught without him.”

Ann Hoang