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Flamelic Horse Is Forced To Drag A Cart Until He Falls Exhausted In Front Of The Neighbors

Thousands of horses have been forced to serve as pack animals for many years. They must trek for hours in the most extreme conditions while carrying a massive load. Since then, humans have been able to develop much more efficient modes of transportation that do not entail animal cruelty.

Unfortunately, this does not appear to be sufficient, as many horses continue to be exploited on a regular basis. A man was riding a fatigued horse in a cart. It was a brown-furred male, but he was fatigued to the point that he couldn’t take another step.

“The owner of the cart was terrified when he saw the neighbors’ indignation.”

It was quite hot, and the asphalt appeared to be burning his little legs at all times. The animal suddenly became exhausted and slumped on the ground. Instead of being worried and attempting to assist him, his owner responded in a completely ridiculous manner.

He exited the wagon and began inflicting severe damage on him. It was all for naught. The unfortunate man couldn’t stand it any longer, and despite his best efforts, his owner refused to move. When a nearby resident noticed what was going on, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

“He was frail and had several injuries. He was beginning to bleed profusely.”

He went down to face the horse’s owner and hold him responsible for all of the harm he was causing. The entire neighborhood had flocked there in seconds to defend the horse. Someone has to speak out for the poor creature.

“We want to express our gratitude to everyone who participated so actively in Romeo’s rescue.”

The neighbors continued to assist the horse after the nasty man had departed. They gave him the name Romeo and gave him some water to drink. They brought him to a spot in the shade where he could munch some grass as well. Bit by little, the adorable animal appeared to come back to life. He thanked all of his rescuers with a compassionate expression. The neighbors alerted the authorities, who dispatched officers from the Altos de Laferre police station.

“Romeo is already in the field leading the life a horse should lead: Free.”