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They Planned To Rescue 15 Dogs From Being Euthanized And Returned With Nearly 100

A Canadian animal rescue organization occasionally travels to one of America’s high-kill shelters in an effort to save a few lives. Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary’s mission is to find some of the shelter canines that are most at risk. This time, they had hoped to save 15 dogs, but they actually brought back over 100.

They see the aged, neglected, and obviously broken dogs—animals that, if they stayed with Miami-Dade County Animal Services, would undoubtedly be put to death.

Dogs Tales’ media director, Clare Forndran, told iHeartDogs:

“Every time we go to Miami, we promise ourselves that we’ll just bring a few pets. However, once there, it is just not doable. It’s hard to turn your back on them when there are so many helpless pets.”

It looked likely that they would take no more than 15 canines to the refuge in Canada and then find them permanent homes when the crew visited the shelter earlier this month. But after recognizing the truth, they decide to assist everyone in need.

Clare claims:

“It is astounding to see how many pets are left at the shelter every day. Comparing the number of successful adoptions to the number of dropouts is just impossible.

It is quite challenging for the group to answer the question, “Who is saved?” Who is left behind? They were only able to bring 15 pups home, but they ended up saving 85.