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After A Lengthy Separation, A Man And His Donkey Are Reunited, And Both Cry With Joy

Love has no bounds, as seen by the one that exists between this guy and his tiny donkey. This is the story of Ismael Fernández, who is adored by all his neighbors, friends, and acquaintances who visit him on a regular basis at his home in Spain.

Ismael lives with his family, but owing to the coronavirus epidemic, he has been quarantined in recent months. Apart from his loved ones, what Ismael disliked the most was the absence of Baldomera, his female donkey with whom he had formed an enduring love relationship.

Baldomera, on the other hand, is your adored and unconditional pet. Ismael regards her like an extension of the family. Fortunately, now that European and global governments have eased restrictions, Ishmael was allowed to meet his favorite animal at his brother’s house.

Ismael pays regular visits to his brother at home. Of course, there’s Baldo, as he fondly refers to his donkey. After being apart for so long, the most moving thing happened when they first looked at each other.

” While most people wanted to go to clubs, I just wanted to see my little donkey.” “I missed her too much, which is why I went to see her as soon as I could,” Ismael told a local media source.

Ismael was once in his brother’s place. He began calling the gentle Baldomera with zeal. It didn’t take long for her to be spotted racing towards him. They both embraced tenderly and sobbed with delight at their reunion.

” I burst out weeping. I was overjoyed to see her. Baldo started crying when he saw me. He’d never heard her make that sound before. He sobbed with me. We’re all crying. “It was extremely thrilling for me,” Ismael continued.

That tense moment was captured for posterity in a touching film that has circulated across the world via various internet platforms. Social media exploded with joy. Baldomera has refused to spend another day without her darling Ishmael since that time.

Even our protagonist’s brother, according to him, has grown envious. He praises him for his wonderful care, but claims that the donkey is more happier and more lively now that he is with him. The only thing she desires passionately is to spend the rest of her life at Ismael’s side.

” I believe my brother is envious. He’s been here the whole time, taking care of her, but Baldomera is much happy today. “She simply wants to be with me,” stated the man.

Ismael decided to involve his brother in his daily walks with his beloved Baldomera in order to put a stop to his brother’s unjustified envy. The reality is that the man’s passion for his four-legged closest buddy became even stronger over their extended separation.

Their emotional meeting became so well-known that it crossed boundaries, and Baldomera has his own narrative.


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This encounter exemplifies the immense affection that may be arranged between a man and such a delicate animal. Baldomera, the donkey, is incredibly affectionate and lovely. It has become very obvious to us that Ismael regards her as a daughter, not simply a farm pet.