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Hachika, The Dog Who Waited Two Months Next To The Body Of Her Friend Who Was Run Over

A lady in California reported Hachika to the No Kill Kern group after she saw the dog there for two months and saw it come and leave. When the volunteers came, they observed Hachika going about her usual activities up until the point where she was found lying in the field close to the wreckage of her buddy who had been ran over.

They followed Hachika to see what she did in her day-to-day activities and be able to rescue her despite the fact that the area they had to hunt for the dog was quite large. The dog would proceed down the road to a field of corn, drink from a ditch, then swim in the sinkhole across the street.

The volunteers finally understood why Hachika kept coming back to that site.

Blogger No Kill Kern wrote:

“We had to find out why she kept returning to that spot, so we moved cautiously closer. The body of another dog that had been struck by a car was there, in a condition of decomposition, but virtually all the components were still there. Hachika was shielding her pal from her as she fell.

They came up with a method to save the devoted dog right away.

We started working on creating a strategy to get her in; it was one of the hardest rescues I’ve ever participated in.

In such a large area, it was somewhat difficult for them to rescue Hachika, but after three days, they came up with the plan to take their friend’s remains while she was out getting water and put them in a location surrounded by bars and other structures. must capture her and keep her from running away.

“We were able to trap it using a neighbor’s enclosed yard. She walked outside, sat beneath a tree, and passed out 12 hours later because she couldn’t help but miss her pal.

She gave them time to secure the doors so that Hachika couldn’t flee when the dog fell sleeping. The women eventually succeeded in capturing the obedient dog and transporting her to the vet.