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Cat With Giant Tumor Finally Gets Her Smile Back, But Now She’s Looking For Home

Meet Keta, the kill shelter rescue, who got a mouth tumor removed and is ready for a much happier chapter of her life. She was a stray kitty just waiting to be euthanized. This is when Unwanted NYC Pets stepped in and gave her a second chance at life. But first, they had to take care of the tumor. It was so big, her whole face was deformed.

However, nothing could stop the rescuers from doing anything they could. “After speaking with many different doctors and having tests done we decided to go forward with the surgery to remove it even though she could have lost an eye, be on a feeding tube or be so deformed no one would want to adopt her,” Unwanted NYC Pets wrote on their website. They added: “Luckily, none of this came true.”

Keta had to go through a biopsy, X-ray scan and the tumor removal procedure. “She is healing and doing amazing! Her skin is tightening giving her full vision in both eyes, she is eating like a beast and loving life again.” Now the only thing the kitty needs to forget her painful past is a loving forever home.

The rescuers write: “Please consider adding her to your family. She loves people and dogs.” Could you be the one to adopt the survivor kitty and help the feline restore her smile?