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The Wish Of A Little Chihuahua That Despises Virtually Everything Has Come True

Despite his tough appearance and curious, grumpy puppy personality, this adorable rescued Chihuahua puppy named Prancer is a kind and loving guy at heart, just like all good dogs. All of these qualities, which are so ingrained in his personality, have elevated Prancer to the status of an unusual Internet celebrity.

Prancer, an inquisitive 2-year-old 13-pound Chihuahua who has been characterized as “a Chucky doll in a dog’s body,” was placed up for adoption in a social media ad where he is portrayed quite honestly; surprisingly, the description of Prancer’s personality attracted millions of people on the Internet.


On her Facebook page, the woman provided a very candid description of Prancer.

According to the article:

“For the past few months, I’ve been trying to put this puppy up for adoption and make it seem… lovely. The issue is that it isn’t true. ‘There isn’t much of a market for neurotic canines that despise men, animals, and children and have the appearance of gremlins.’


The foster mother also stated that after spending time with her, the Chihuahua’s personality developed, indicating that he exclusively liked women. Prancer despises males more than women, according to Tyfanee, who says that she has lived with a guy (her lover) for six months and has never accepted him.

He also does not enjoy being in the presence of other animals, such as cats or dogs. He’s a lonely, grumpy kid who doesn’t seem to enjoy the company of other animals or people.

The volunteer continued:

“If you don’t want to be shook like a rag doll by a 13-pound anger machine, don’t apply.”


But not everything is awful; Prancer has some redeeming characteristics. He is a devoted kid who, despite his appearance, can be quite obedient and enjoys spending time with his foster mother.

Of course, it is unnecessary to point us that all of this tranquility only occurs when your caretaker is a woman; as we all know, Prancer does not enjoy being around men.


While it is true that ads for adoptable dogs attempt to convey their personality and troublesome habits, Prancer’s extensive and not-so-pleasant viral list made no attempt to sugarcoat any of their defects; yet, he managed to capture thousands of viewers, much to the astonishment of some.

Ariel Davis, a 36-year-old New Haven, Connecticut resident, concluded that he was the life partner she had been looking for after seeing the advertisement on the Internet. She felt an unexplainable connection with the chihuahua.


In an interview with Today, Ariel said:

“I had a Chihuahua/Jack Russel Terrier mix that I probably got around seven years ago and raised since he was a puppy.” He had many of Prancer’s characteristics, like being a bit neurotic, barking a lot, and not getting along with other humans or animals. I spent a lot of time with him, getting to know him and his personality.


Prancer has finally found his permanent home, and Tyfanee and her family were overjoyed for him, she said on her Facebook page.

The lady wrote:

Despite the fact that he was only adopted a week ago. One of the most memorable days of my life was the day she was adopted. However, I couldn’t help but feel awful about myself. It felt as if I had expelled a monster out of myself and given it to someone else. I explain it by pointing out that it was a voluntary trade and that the terms and circumstances could not have been clearer. It also aids his new victim in falling passionately in love with him (or having Stockholm syndrome).


Fortunately, despite of his personality, this particular tiny Chihuahua is adored. He now has a caring mother who will go to any length to make him feel at ease on her terms.