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Adorable Homeless Puppy Was Born With A Permanent Squint

A physician from Antigua Island in the Caribbean saw a cute puppy inside a cardboard box in the driveway of his residence. He recognized the animal immediately as needing assistance due to a unique medical condition.

Although the tiny puppy appeared to have her eyes closed and turned away constantly, this physical issue and her tenderly wrinkled forehead pierced her heart. The man picked her up without hesitation and called Dogs and Cats of Antigua, a nearby animal shelter, right away.

The organization made arrangements for the little girl to be picked up and transported to their location, where staff members addressed her as “Faith.”


She was terribly malnourished in addition to being ill, but the volunteers with the charity felt they could save her and offer her another chance at life.

Faith’s adoptive mother, Kate Venezia, stated to The Dodo:

“On the islands, a special needs dog like Faith would often be put to death right away. There aren’t many adopters and no funds are available for care.


Dogs & Cats paid for all the medical expenses and even persuaded the government to get the necessary permissions so she could be flown to the US for expert care.

Faith was surprised to find how adamant Kate was about continuing to live as a typical dog when she got to her house.


Says Kate

“She is pretty brave, yet she usually finds her way by smelling and knocking into objects. She was quite excellent at moving around the home. If she bumps into something, she simply gets back up and continues. Nothing phased her.”


The little child navigates the home using just her nose and hearing, eventually finding her favorite spot—her mother’s feet.

Kate also said

She loves people dearly, but she craves my company constantly since she can sense my presence.