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This Woman’s Emotional Support Dog Comforts Her When She Has An Anxiety Attack

The presence of an animal in our life has many positive effects, and in certain situations, it may even be crucial for our own mental health. Jen Medrano has first-hand experience with this problem; her emotional support dog has been his finest companion when he must deal with his anxiety episodes.

Daily challenges with various ailments that are ostensibly unseen to others are experienced by many people. In this case, animals begin to play a crucial function for individuals who must battle various anxiety problems.

Watson and Kiko, Jen’s lovely puppies, have completely altered this woman’s outlook on life. especially Watson, who serves as her major pillar of support.


When he has crises, the dog frequently assists him in managing his emotions. Jen recently made the decision to share a video on her Instagram page in which she discusses the advantages of owning an emotional support dog.

The lady posted as follows:

“I have PTSD and just received a diagnosis of anxiety. The finest thing that ever happened to me was having Watson as my emotional support dog. The dog in my life who makes me want to go on has helped me grow a lot as a person.


The lady is shown in the video sitting and covering her face with her arms before Watson comes over and gives her a hug. For Jen, this small gesture is a huge source of positive reinforcement, and Watson is delighted to provide a hand and let Jen know that she will be there for her anytime she needs it.

Jen needed the dog’s assistance during the epidemic.

Added her:

“While I was in quarantine, I had time to think about a variety of topics, including how the hell I managed to get such a lucky dog like Watson. Dogs are incredible. A dog is a life.


Pets improve our lives and are without a doubt unexpected and lovely. Jen considers herself fortunate to have her dogs, particularly Watson, who gives her life support.