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This Is Cat’s First Realization That He’ll Have A Baby Brother

This adorable kitten named Mingy’s life is about to get a whole lot more exciting. Mel Kappuccino, Mingy’s mother, is expecting her first (human) kid, which means Mingy will soon have an elder brother.

He only recently learned about it.

Kappuccino, who is reaching the end of her second trimester, kept her pregnancy a secret from Mingy. However, he seemed to notice a shift: “He certainly started acting different,” Kappuccino told The Dodo.

Mingy, on the other hand, finally put two and two together the other day. The baby began to move as Kappuccino sat on the couch, which came as a complete surprise to the cat.

Kappuccino explained, “That’s when he got up to investigate.” “I began recording.”
Mingy gently laid his paw on Kappuccino’s baby bulge, as if he realized it was his little sibling within her at that time.

Kappuccino stated, “I was fortunate enough to capture this lovely moment.”

Everything changed after that. Mingy grew to like his new role as the protective elder brother.

“For the first time in his life, he witnessed the baby move, and now he won’t leave my side,” Kappuccino said.

Mingy had finally “met” his younger sister, kicking off a new relationship that would undoubtedly last a lifetime.

“I adore Mingy, so having my baby grow up with him by his side is really essential to me,” Kappuccino added. “I have a feeling they’ll be best friends forever, and I’m looking forward to it.”