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Before And After Photos Of A Dog That Was Returned To The Shelter 4 Times

Blossom was initially captured by Sophie Gamand in 2014, and she stunned everyone with her beautiful grin. Unfortunately, the dog seems to be radically different in a fresh photo shoot six years later since she has been returned to the Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter four times.

Gamand’s Pit Bull Flower Power photographs were created in celebration of homeless pit bull puppies, who were accompanied by lovely flowers that accentuated their attractiveness.

Blossom’s images were supposed to be more serious at first, but the dog refused owing to her lovely face, which was full of energy and demonstrated her amazing resilience to life’s challenges.


According to Gamand, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I didn’t expect the picture series to be such a cheerful celebration.” Blossom, on the other hand, had different ideas. I knew it had to be his image when I saw his wide smile on my computer.”

Blossom and Gamand met again this year, and the pit bull was starting her sixth stint at the shelter, and she now has a completely new appearance.


Blossom was discovered wandering the streets of a Long Island shopping center in 2013 and adopted a few months later. She was later returned to the shelter, claiming that the home dog would not breed with her company.

She was re-adopted by a new family in 2015, who had previously abandoned her owing to a transfer to Germany. Blossom was abandoned twice more after that, and she grew up without having the chance to encounter the real love of a permanent family until today.


Gamand was taken aback by the difference he noticed in Blossom, and he expressed his amazement by saying:

“Blossom’s eyes were dull and lifeless. She wasn’t the ecstatic, joyful puppy I remembered from 2014. She’s still quite loving, but she’s a little shattered. ‘I’m worried her spirit has frayed.’

With the new images of Blossom, the photographer hopes that a new family will be interested in her and offer her the chance to live happily ever after.


Cushing’s disease, which affects the pituitary and adrenal glands and may be treated with medicine, was just detected in the dog.

She is deserving of a lot of affection, a safe place to relax, and the assurance that she will never be lonely again. Blossom is a lively and sociable small puppy. Without a doubt, whomever adopts her will have the pleasure of being in her company.