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Meet Chiqui, A Cute Pup That Is Part Of Law Enforcement Officers At A Airport

Meet this little cute dog, a new drug-detection pup in town.

Passenger Agata Fornasa was one day at the airport in Colombia and saw dog with a group of law enforcement officers.

Pup was part of it.

Chihuahua is always on duty. His name is Chiqui.

“Standing next to them was a little dog who began to sniff all the suitcases,” Fornasa told The Dodo. “The girls from the duty-free shop told me that his name was Chiqui and that he worked as a drug dog. I thought it was beautiful, so I filmed it.”

Fornasa got surprised and said that everyone was smiling while seeing Chiqui.

“Everyone who saw him smiled,” Fornasa told The Dodo. “He was very focused on his work. So handsome.”

So adorable!