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Rescue Dog Is The First Pit Bull To Be Certified As A K9 Officer, And Is Now Part Of The Millville, New Jersey Fire Department

The first pit bull of this breed to work as a K9 arson detection officer is one that was saved from dog fighting. Hansel is one of 21 dogs—along with his mother and sibling Gretel—who were saved from the battles.

The canine has worked hard to join the Millville Fire Department in New Jersey since being saved from a fight organization in Ontario, Canada, when he was just 7 weeks old.

Hansel and Gretel were among the five dogs who were transported to an organization as a result of the #Savethe21 campaign, which was started to stop the euthanasia of saved canines.

Facebook/Throw Away Dogs Project

The Throw Away Canines Project is a nonprofit that rescues “One of a Kind” dogs and trains them to be K9 dogs.

Hansel left this group after a year of training to enroll in a K9 academy, where he earned his certification as a K9 arson detection officer.

Facebook/Throw Away Dogs Project

Hansel has received specialized training to recognize combustible substances including kerosene, gasoline, and diesel.

According to Millville fireman Tyler Van Leer, Hansel was picked to graduate after he mastered 14 various scents throughout his training.

Facebook/Throw Away Dogs Project

Hansel witnessed the results of his labor on Friday, January 24, when he was admitted into the Millville Fire Department. On that day, he not only graduated, which was a success, but he also made history by being the first pit bull to receive a K9 certification.

Throw Away Dogs creator Carol Skaziak told CNN:

“Hansel is the first pit bull arson detection dog in New Jersey, I’m positive of it. There aren’t any other arson detecting pit bulls in the entire nation, according to my extensive study. I have not come across any others.

Many departments from other universities are interested in bringing their own pit dogs and certifying them similarly to Hansel after observing his development as a K9 officer.

The creator of the group believes that Hansel’s accomplishments will continue to serve as an example for other emergency rooms.

Facebook/Throw Away Dogs Project

Roald said:

“We also need the nation’s heads of police and fire to be enthusiastic about doing this. This is the first move that might send a powerful message to the public about this breed that has long been misrepresented.”

After receiving his degree, Hansel started working right away. He is prepared to assist other departments in need and is already a member of the Millville team.

Hansel is constantly eager and willing to go to work, according to his carer.

Facebook/Throw Away Dogs Project