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Male Orangutan Begins To Care For His Baby After His Mother Passed Away

Cerah, a two-year-old orangutan at the Denver Zoo in Colorado, is a sweetheart. Her tiny child was left alone after her mother died abruptly last month, and her father is now caring for her, much to the amazement of everyone at the Berani Zoo.

Male orangutans in the wild do not take a direct part in rearing their children, according to Orangutan Foundation International. Adult females are more responsive to them and form a strong attachment with them.

The attachment between a mother and her calf lasts for many years, but time spent with other orangutans is rather brief.


Despite this, Berani has taken on the task of raising his daughter as the best father he can be for her on his own, and we can see from the wonderful photographs published by the zoo on social media that love develops unexpected connections.

Orangutan cubs can be held until they reach the age of five and breastfed until they reach the age of eight. Even young orangutans, despite their age, may stay close to their mothers until the age of ten, moving with them and even eating and resting in the same trees.


The zookeepers, who were pleasantly delighted, shared the touching and charming tale on their Facebook page a few days ago, along with some wonderful images of this excellent father and his daughter child.


In a statement, the zoo said:

It’s unusual to see Berani take on the role of Mr. Mom, and Cerah couldn’t have wished for a finer father. Berani is incredibly kind and protective of her, taking care of all of her needs. When she sleeps, he carries her, calms her, and even cuddles her.”


Berani and Cerah have become inseparable, and this exhibit of unconditional love is incredibly uplifting, and it serves as a wonderful example of how lovely and marvelous nature can be.