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Stray Wanders Into Shelter On Her Own And Feels Safe Enough To Fall Asleep

It was just another day at the Humane Society International of India when a sick stray wandered in on her own and curled up on a couch and started napping.

It was as if fate had led her to the right place. She was so comfortable and quiet, staff wouldn’t have even noticed her if it weren’t for the stench.

The workers in the office immediately got her some food and water and named her Fairy. But the dog was startled and ran away.

But at the same time the next day, the stray came back. This time, the staff was prepared.

They secured the front door this time so Fairy couldn’t escape. They provided her with food and water and prepared to take her to the vet.

She had severe mange and was almost completely without fur. The dog was scared, but somehow she knew this was the place that could help her out.

The vet treated her for her mange right away, and it turned out she didn’t have any other issues!

But tests revealed she’d been suffering from the mange for a very long time, possibly going months without anyone reaching out to help her.

Despite her pain and looks, Fairy was so friendly and grateful to those trying to help. She wanted the love, care, and attention more than anything.

Fairy put all of her trust in the volunteers and allowed them to bathe her every week. And she started to look like a completely different dog.

After six months, Fairy finally made a full recovery! She had a family interested in adopting her after just three months, but rescuers decided to wait until she was completely healthy before sending her off to her forever home.

There was never any doubt that Fairy would make an incredible pet down the line for one lucky family! 🙂

Fairy is now thriving in her new home with lots of space to run around and play. After a rough start in life, she’s now living her best life thanks to her intuition and the amazing employees at HSI.

h/t The Dodo