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This Gang Of Racoons Crashes A Wedding Photoshoot And It’s Both Cute And Hilarious

Newlywed couple, Sarah and Zach, were having a photo shoot in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The weather was perfect, the scenery was beyond words, and the couple is simply adorable—everything that you could have ever thought of to make wedding photos memorable was there.

Then, all of a sudden, a wild raccoon family appears. Yes, a family of 5 racoons crashed the photoshoot, making the day all the more memorable for the young newlyweds.

Bored Panda got in touch with Kathryn White, the professional photographer from Northern California who did Sarah and Zach’s photoshoot. White explained that she had seen nothing like this throughout the 10 years that she was doing wedding photoshoots.

“We were so surprised to see the family of raccoons approaching us! At first, I was a bit scared because they’re nocturnal & generally pretty vicious, so I warned my bride & groom to keep a distance, but the raccoons kept approaching us curiously, and seemed friendly enough!” said White.

Of course, White started taking pictures—it was a moment that she simply couldn’t miss. White continued, “I started taking photos of the encounter, and then they walked away from us on the path as we laughed at the randomness of it all… I mean, what are the chances?! We all decided it was like a ‘real-life Disney moment’ and must be a good omen.”