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For A Toad Who Decided To Live In Her Shoe, A Woman Goes Above And Beyond

A small green visitor appeared unexpectedly on Sita Hood’s front porch one evening last year. The visitor was a toad, and she didn’t waste any time in making herself at home.

Hood had the power to expel that brazen amphibian. She, on the other hand, provided a shoe.


The toad had so much fun the first night that she decided to stay. She’d nibble on bugs on and around Hood’s porch every day after dusk from then on.

Hood even gave her a name — Jabba the Toad — because she had become such a staple there.

Hood told The Dodo, “I started leaving the light on to attract bugs for Jabba.”


Jabba would always return to her favorite area — one of Hood’s running shoes left out on the porch — when she wasn’t hungry or just needed a rest.


Hood couldn’t wear her shoe since it was occupied by a toad, of course. Hood, on the other hand, was unconcerned.

“It was no huge problem for me to donate my shoe,” she explained. “Why not, if it provided her with comfort or protection?”

Hood’s kindness was plainly appreciated by Jabba, and she didn’t forget it.


Hood observed Jabba hopping away from the shoe, off the porch, and into the woods surrounding her home one day near the end of summer, probably to hibernate during the colder months.

Hood’s sneaker was toad-free for the first time in months, but it wouldn’t stay that way for long.

Jabba returned the next spring.

“She was in my shoe one morning,” Hood added.


Jabba’s second summer at home in Hood’s shoes went much the same way as the first. But there was one minor glitch.

Apparently, not everyone was aware of Jabba’s and Hood’s deal.

Hood explained, “A well-meaning buddy picked up my shoes and placed Jabba in the flower bed.” “I put my shoes back on, and Jabba returned later that night, unfazed.”

Hood even hung a banner above the shoes to ensure that there would be no more unjustified evictions.


Jabba’s second summer in the shoe, like the first, came to an end. She simply got up and departed one day.

Hood isn’t sure if she’ll return next year, but her memories of Jabba will live on in any case.


Jabba was more than just a toad residing in Hood’s shoe, despite the fact that she probably never anticipated she’d host a toad and go above and above in the process.

Hood added, “I was glad and happy to establish a friendship with Jabba.” “We are all part of life’s web, and on good days, we are all here for each other.”