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This Is The World’s Tiniest Horse, And He’ll Track You Down

This miniature horse hasn’t seen much of the world yet, but he likes what he sees.

A recent video shows the tiniest tiny horse – just 3 days old – following after one of his carers, whom he appears to have chosen is his new closest friend. And it could be the cutest thing in the universe’s history.

The small horse follows his new pal wherever he runs. He wags his little horse tail like a puppy when he eventually catches him and gets some well-deserved pets.

How could you run from this little guy?

Of course, his watchful mother – Grace, it appears – finally intervenes to put an end to the game.

But do you suppose little horse’s adventures are over? Reconsider your position. Here he is, completely bewildered by the operation of gates.

And now he’s just happy because he’s finally caught his pal.

He’s only a few months old, but he’s already won our hearts. You’ll want to see the videos in their entirety below.

Note: While we understand if you want to go out and buy five tiny horses right now, keep in mind that miniature horses, like regular horses, are demanding pets that necessitate specialized knowledge and care. Thousands of miniature horses are abandoned every year because their owners no longer want them, so please adopt if you’re a suitable potential owner!