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Retired 92-Year-Old Veterinarian Dedicates His Life To Making Wheelchairs For Disabled Animals

Throughout his long and fulfilling life, retired veterinarian Lincoln Parkes provided care for animals in need. Dr. Lincoln has treated innumerable animals in need of specialized treatment over his many years of work as a veterinarian.

Dr. Lincoln has been out of the workforce for a while, but he has decided to devote a large portion of his leisure time to doing what he loves most—helping the creatures who most need it to live honorable lives.

Despite not working as a veterinarian right now, Dr. Lincoln is nonetheless concerned about the welfare of animals. He is content to continue to pursue his goals in his latter years.

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In order to realize his ambition, he established K-9 Carts, a business that creates personalized wheelchairs for canines with disabilities.

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The veterinarian spends his days creating specialized chairs for animals in need, and nothing makes him happier than witnessing a dog joyfully running on his own once more with a new wheelchair.

You may now devote all of your time to creating K-9 chairs, but you’ve really been doing so since the 1960s, during which time you’ve aided several little creatures.

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His major enthusiasm got its start when a guy asked for assistance for his disabled dog. Sadly, the dog was struck by a car and became paralyzed from the waist down.

Because the dog’s quality of life had dramatically declined and because taking care of him was extremely challenging and time-consuming for the owner, he was in such a desperate state that he even pondered euthanizing his furry companion.

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Dr. Lincoln then had a brilliant idea; he created a cart for the paralyzed dog and gave it a spin. He was taken to the field where he enjoyed playing with the dog’s owner and the vet.

They watched in shock and delight as the puppy sprang up and easily caught the frisbee out of the air as it was being chased by the dog.

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