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Sick Dog That Was Abandoned In Middle Of Woods Is Finally Healthy And Happy After Being Rescued

A dog was noticed curled up in wood someday. Animal rescue officer, Ruth Thomas-Coxon got a phone call and immediately went there to investigate.

Officer saw a skinny and very weak dog.

“The tan-colored lurcher was quite weak and skinny, and extremely frightened,” Thomas-Coxon said in a press release. “When I saw him there curled up surrounded by ivy, it was a pitiful sight.”

It looks like dog was abandoned.

Soon, he was named Bang Bang! He was so hungry and one his back legs was swollen.

He needed help immediately.

Bang Bang was taken in by the RSPCA’s Great Ayton Animal Center.

Now he is taking treatments for his leg.

“It’s heartbreaking to think of him out there on his own as the weather’s been deteriorating,” Thomas-Coxon said. “I’m so pleased he’s safe now, getting the care he needs, and can soon start his search for a loving new home.”

He is happy that was rescued and is becoming healthier day by day.

Dog’s leg is improving every day.