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The Toronto Zoo Has Welcomed Six New Vancouver Island Marmot Pups

The Toronto Zoo has welcomed six Vancouver Island marmot pups.

Two of the zoo’s pairings have recently given birth. Oban and Frances welcomed five puppies into the world. Mayne and Laura Beth, on the other hand, had one on May 15th. That’s fantastic news for the zoo. To avoid disturbing the puppies, keepers did not open their nest boxes at first. The keepers finally decided it was safe to open the boxes after three to four weeks.

The marmot pups are maintained in a separate enclosure. The zoo’s conservative efforts to reduce animal-human interaction to a bare minimum for behavioral reasons have resulted in this. As a result, they are put on special diets. As a result, the marmots can go about their daily lives without being disturbed. Nesting, digging, and chewing is examples of these behaviors.

In addition, the marmot breeding season runs from March to April, following their hibernation. Their gestation period is only 30 days long.

Vancouver Island is a small island off the coast of Puppies from marmots are born in litters of three to four. Initially, they remain hidden.

As its name suggests, this species is only found on Vancouver Island. They are now found in several breeding centers across Canada, thanks to conservative measures.

They live in burrows as well. Their hibernating periods are determined by the climate of the place they live in.

The Vancouver Island Marmot has been bred for conservation at the Toronto Zoo. They are the most vulnerable mammals in Canada. Only 30 marmots could be found in the wild in 2003. Despite this, the number has already increased to 200-300.

The zoo has cared for 165 pups since they were born there. A total of 140 of them were released into the wild.

The importance of the zoo’s efforts cannot be overstated.