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So Sad! Dog Was Happy To Meet His Potential Parents But They Never Came

Meet Hendrix, a cat that used to live at the Kentucky Humane Society for a long time. Now it was time for dog to meet his new family.

But unfortunately, they refused dog. And that’s so sad.

Dog was getting ready and was so excited to meet his potential parents. But they never came.

“We wait over 30 minutes for them, and we never received a call or heard from them,” Megan Decker, media manager at the Kentucky Humane Society, told The Dodo. “Hendrix was all dressed up in his harness and was smiling ear to ear waiting for them to arrive, only for them to never come. It broke our hearts.”

Hendrix has such a loving personality and is so smart. He has won everyone’s hearts in Internet with his beautiful look and soft heart.

“Hendrix loves people so much and is very cuddly and sweet,” Decker said. “He has met kids as young as 5, and he just flops over for a belly rub and snorts in delight.”

Now Hendrix is still looking for a loving home.

We hope he gets adopted very soon.