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A Woman Notices A Stranger Leading An Animal Parade Down The Street

Dilara lter noticed a stunning scene happening outside the window of her mother’s home in Turkey one day while visiting her mother.

lter noticed a woman out walking on the street below. Hundreds of different animals surrounded the woman, including cats, dogs, and birds, all anxious to join her in some huge procession.

lter was taken aback.

“I assumed she was a wizard or something the instant I saw her walking like that,” lter told The Dodo.

This was not, however, a sorcerous deed.

It was a loving gesture.

“My mother informed me that [the woman] gathers stray animals and feeds them every other day,” lter said.

Knowing the reality only added to the wonder of that extraordinary sighting.

“It was such a poetic scene,” lter said. “I was astounded by how lovely what she was doing for these animals was.”

A video of the wonderful procession can be found here:

These parades, according to lter, are still going on today. Although the woman’s work is far from thankless, she appears to prefer full bellies and wagging tails as a sort of reward.

“My mother found her and tried to talk to her, but she was too shy to speak,” lter stated, emphasizing that the woman is not alone in her good deeds. “There’s a lot of food left out for animals on the streets.” It’s actually quite frequent in Turkey.
Everybody loves stray animals here.”