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Small Duck Falls In Love With Giant Girlfriend Three Times His Size

Shannon Emmel has told The Dodo about something special that happened at Loch Raven Reservoir.

Emmel was surprised by watching a small duck getting obsessed with giant girlfriend.

“I found the green-winged teal, who was easy to spot among the mallards because he is so much smaller,” Emmel told The Dodo. “I found him literally following this one particular mallard all around on the dirt and grass. He followed her everywhere and periodically chased off other mallard males.”

This cute little duck seemed so interested and can’t stop watching her.

“It was the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while,” Emmel said. “The Green-teal truly appeared 100 percent enamored with this mallard, so everywhere she went, he followed. Eventually, they went into the water and he stayed very close by.”

“The female mallard seemed perfectly fine with her little suitor,” she added. “It was such a joy to watch.”

This unlikely pair looks so beautiful.