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After Being Rescued From A Freezing Lake, A Kangaroo Shakes Hands With His Savior

A kangaroo was saved from freezing waters by two individuals who were nearby in Australia. David Boyd, who was on the phone with the government in Canberra about the terrified animal at the time, filmed the touching rescue.

The two guys approach the frightened, trembling kangaroo gently in the video. According to Metro UK, the guys approached with outstretched arms from two directions.

They invited the terrified kangaroo to approach them, but the kangaroo frightenedly turned away and stayed still inside the frozen Lake Burley Griffin.


The kangaroo pushed the first guy away and kicked the water away as soon as he arrived. After that, a second man cautiously came to assist in lifting it and placing it in a secure location on the boardwalk.

While many onlookers were transfixed by the scene, a third man stepped in to help calm the marsupial.

The kangaroo made a wonderful show of thanks for their assistance by extending his hand to one of his rescuers as a mark of gratitude for all his efforts.

David believes this was his way of saying thank you for rescuing him from the icy water.


The man wrote about the emotional event on social media, and shortly after posting the video on his Facebook page, he said:

“This was my morning, alone in Canberra, congrats to these folks, the guy in the Soldier On Top is a Navy Clearance Diver, good news, the kangaroo is alright,” she said.


Many people who saw the video on the Internet appreciated the wonderful people’s efforts, and we all hope that the cute kangaroo is safe. However, while these gestures are admirable, we must remember that injured, ill, or fearful animals become hostile if touched, and can be deadly.

In these situations, it is usually a good idea to contact the authorities for assistance.