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Adorable Doberman Brings Little Baby His Toys- This Video Will Melt Your Heart

Doberman Pinscher was so happy to welcome newborn baby named Macie. The dog really likes to stay near the little baby.

Actually the Doberman was caught on camera while bringing Macie his favorite toys. Dog’s name is Tommy and he is such an energetic and fun dog.

Tommy’s dad has said on Viral Hog that “we got Tommy in August 2019 at around 3 months old, so he has not long turned 2 years old now. My wife and I have always wanted a dog since buying our own house, and always loved Dobermans due to their loving and loyal nature, along with being very clever and easy to train. He has always well surpassed our expectations at anything thrown his way, from being trained to stay at home whilst we go out, to swimming and playing with all other dogs.”

And for the little baby, dad says that Tommy is so gentle and careful, it must be a natural instinct!