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During A Heavy Rainstorm, A Cop Shares His Umbrella With Stray Dogs Who Has No Place To Go

Heavy rains have flooded the streets of Kolkata, India, in recent days, forcing humans and animals to seek shelter from the storm. As a result, Constable Tarun Kumar Mandal felt it was only natural for him to assist people in need.

Mandal was watching traffic at a major seven-way intersection on Saturday when he had some unexpected company. Two drenched stray dogs gathered to him as he stood in the middle of the roadway.


The kind officer provided shelter for the two dogs under his enormous umbrella while continuing to manage traffic.

A bystander captured the simple gesture of compassion on camera and published it on social media, affecting people all over the world. And the canines’ expressions say it all:


The little reprieve meant the world to the two thankful street dogs.