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The Stray Cat Knocks On The Woman’s Door, Begging To Be Let In Because It Is Cold Outside

His expression stated everything he needed to say….
This is a story about a cat that did everything he could to survive. However, life threw more difficulties at him than the little pal could handle, leaving him with just one option: knock on doors and beg for assistance.

Jaelle heard a weird voice from her garden on Valentine’s Day. When she walked outside to check, she was shocked to see a stray cat standing in the snow, clawing at the door, begging to be allowed in.


Jaelle, a kind volunteer with Un Chat à la Fois, a cat rescue in Quebec, Canada, greeted the beautiful kitten with open arms. She sent a photo of the cat to Marie Simard, the creator of Un Chat à la Fois.

Simard explained, “She said she was seeking to help him since she knew we didn’t take adult cats.” I instructed her to take him to our partner clinic so he could be assessed as soon as I saw the picture because it broke my heart.


The cat was driven to the veterinarian, where he was looked after and given the medical attention he needed. He had bite wounds, fleas, and ticks all over him, and he had frostbite, tooth issues, and diabetes. He would not have survived that cold winter if he hadn’t pleaded for assistance.


The cat was happy and glad to be in the company of those who had saved him. He was extremely friendly to the clinic staff, and he would take his paw out of the cage at the vet so visitors could pat him, according to Simard.

Aslan was the name given to the cat. Aslan’s health recovered after a few days of care and therapy at the clinic, and he was adopted into a permanent home, where he received love and care from his new foster mom.


Aslan loves his foster mother and made it clear that he was happy to be with her. He’s a really affectionate cat who like to sleep close to his mother.

We’re relieved to learn that Aslan is living his finest life, complete with all of the comforts he deserves. He is no longer forced to battle for survival or seek refuge from the elements. He has a wonderful family who adores him.