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This Adorable Shelter Dog Had Her Heart Broken, But Now She Is A Very Happy Girl To Be Adopted And Have A Loving Family

The Hoke County Animal Shelter in North Carolina, USA, received a sweet small puppy named Ava. Her expression was dejected since she had been abandoned by her first family and her life was about to undergo a significant change. But shortly, her tale took a significant turn, and Ava was overjoyed.

When Ava arrived at the shelter that day, Kristi Pylant, one of the staff members, was there. The woman was very affected and made an effort to cheer Ava up, which gradually started to pay off. She did not anticipate that the sad little puppy would soon be in good spirits once more.


After hearing Ava’s tale and learning about her history, a visitor to the shelter fell in love with her and felt he could give her the home she deserved and all the love she so desperately needed. The cute little puppy was becoming more fortunate.

Ava was getting ready to go for her new home while Kristi, who had initially welcomed her to the shelter, was present. Even in the middle of her delight, kind Ava took a minute to express her appreciation to Kristi for all the love she had shown her since her arrival.

Kristy remembers:

She was really kind to extend her paw to me after she was adopted.


Ava’s old family’s decision to turn her over to the shelter was heartbreaking, but it simply represented a pit stop on the way to a fresh start. With the help of Kristi and the shelter, Ava now has a family that loves and takes care of her. and suffuses her with love.