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While Working In An Animal Hospital, A Cat Insists On Petting All Of The Animals That Are There

Meet Bea, a cat with a knack for making people feel better.

Some may even describe her as having a “healing touch.”


Bea is one of six cats at Look Ahead Vet in Oroville, California, where she lives and works.

Elfie, Uno, Bea, and Peggy are the females, while OJ and Theo are the boys, according to Crystal Bessmer, a vet worker at the animal hospital. “They were all delivered to us at different times by different clients.” They were all found as stray kittens, with the majority of them suffering from serious injuries.”


The group of rescued cats has grown into a large family, and they are never happier than when they are all together. The cats have complete control of the hospital and play a crucial part in making patients and their owners feel better.

“It’s a really large indoor hospital,” Bessmer explained, “so kids have plenty of freedom to go around and explore.” “We all look after them with love and cuddles throughout the day, and our clients adore them.” They’ve been really beneficial to both our clients and ourselves.”


Bea the tailless tabby is the head of the nursing department, and each cat has their own specific task. She goes through the hospital caressing every animal, whether or not they beg for it.

Bessmer described her as “always interested and kind.” “She enjoys approaching them and will frequently just put her hand in gently to inspect them. She’ll even pet them on occasion.”


“She adores everyone, especially Peggy, the new kitty,” she continued. “She’s been like that since she was a kid.” She also appears to be unafraid of anything, including the largest farm animals.”

Here’s a link to a video of Bea in action:


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Bea may be the nursing cat, but all six cats work hard every day to keep the animal hospital running properly.

“Theo is unquestionably the soother… He can tell when someone is upset, and he’ll go sit on their knee,” Bessmer explained. “We call Elfie the security chief because she’s a touch fiery and likes to dash into the mayhem. Our doorman is OJ. He enjoys hanging around by the front entrance and greeting everyone. Our babysitter is Uno. She enjoys keeping an eye on puppies and kittens in particular. Finally, Peggy, our newest addition. Because she’s still young, we refer to her as a ‘hospital Cat in Training’ or ‘intern.'”


When the days are long and difficult, the cats provide much-needed comfort to their human employees.

“Because we work long hours here, we’re all really close to them,” Bessmer explained. “Because most of us are here more than at home, we treat them as if they were our own, which they are.”

And anyone in need of a soothing pet during the day knows where to go.