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They Film Two Monkeys “Adopting” A Kitten As Their Own, But It’s Not As Sweet As It Appears

Anne Young is a photographer who opted to spend her holiday in Bali’s Ubud district.

When she visited Monkey Forest Park, the wildlife enthusiast was desperate to capture stunning moments of species in their natural habitat. But he had no idea what he was about to witness in a couple of minutes…

Credit: Solent/Anne Young

When he noticed a few of monkeys lingering about and their strange behavior, he realized it was time to pull out the camera. But he had no idea it was the start of a larger operation devised by the monkeys to abduct an innocent orange cat.

One of the monkeys cuddled the kitten like it was its own child. The orange kitten, whose origins are unknown, did not appear to be concerned.

Credit: Solent/Anne Young

The monkey takes care to keep it snuggled close to his chest as if he’s trying to protect him, but you can tell that this is more of a stubborn obesity on the monkey’s part, and that the orange kitten does not appear to be very comfortable.

In reality, the kitten tries to flee on a couple of instances, but the monkey rushes to yank its tail to keep it by its side.

Credit: Solent/Anne Young

The motives of macaques are not assumed to be malevolent; it is merely part of their game and natural inclination to defend a smaller, more innocent creature, as if it were a child.

However, when we examine the kitten’s behavior, we can see that, while it does not exhibit violent behavior, it does indicate discomfort at times.

Anne videotaped the images because she was captivated by the sweetness of the macaques, not understanding the kitten was in danger.

Credit: Solent/Anne Young

Some claim that the kitten was extremely pleased with his new family and that, despite the difference in species, these are scenarios that only give out tenderness and love, serving as a genuine example for humans, who are often professionals at looking over our shoulders and discriminating against some individuals.

Credit: Solent/Anne Young

However, other Internet users concluded that, first and foremost, the primate, feeling scared by the humans around, decided to hide the kitten. For many, being so near to him was irresponsible, as he might have attacked them or the kitten.

Others wonder how the photographer could have missed it and not sought help from a professional animal rescue group to save the kitten.

Credit: Solent/Anne Young

They are definitely scenes that make us fall in love. And in the presence of nature, people are left with no choice but to remain simply observers, marveling at their purity, pure spirit, and instinct that is not incorrect. We still have a lot to learn!