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A Teeny-Tiny Rabbit Is Smitten With A Four-Times-His-Size Girlfriend Which He Really Loves

A house isn’t a home without a rabbit for the Covelli family, and happily, there’s plenty of bunnies to go around with Lilly Sunshine there. Lilly, the family’s 3-year-old Flemish giant rabbit, weighs 16 pounds and spends much of her time cuddling with her partner, Romeo.

Romeo is much smaller than Lilly. It weighed only 4 pounds.


“Everyone is generally taken away by Lilly’s size, and then they are even more astonished when they see her with Romeo,” the bunnies’ mother, Sarah Covelli, told The Dodo. “Romeo is known as the ‘little husband.'”


Despite their differences in stature, the charming and in love pair could not be more adorable.

They don’t appear to notice the difference in size, despite the fact that Lilly is four times his size.


“Romeo is a kind, inquisitive young man,” Covelli added. “He’ll climb over us by jumping on the couch.” He’s also Lilly’s shadow, following her around everywhere she goes! I believe he is aware that she will defend him.”

Lilly and Romeo have amassed quite a following on Instagram after falling in love, where their mother posts heartwarming updates about their everyday lives.

While many people are awestruck by this sweet relationship, it appears to be second nature to the couple.


“They’re a one-of-a-kind pair,” Covelli remarked.