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The Couple’s Bedroom Is Taken Over By An Entire Flock Of Birds

Peter Hayes and his fiancée left London in search of a greater connection to nature, but they had no clue how close they’d become.

The couple mistakenly left their windows open after a recent rainfall, only to discover that a flock of birds had invaded their bedroom.


“When my girlfriend went to bed, I heard her come down and say, ‘I think there is a bird on the bedroom windowsill,'” Hayes told The Dodo. “When I walked upstairs and turned on the light, there were a lot of birds in the bedroom.”

Hayes finally counted nine birds in total, one of which was sheltering beneath the bed from the storm. Hayes is used to the occasional bird coming through the door because he lives near a wildlife preserve, but he’d never seen anything like the Disney moment in his bedroom.

“It was a little strange,” Hayes said. “They simply looked at me like they were saying, ‘You seen the weather out there, bro?'”

Hayes tried to persuade the birds to depart, but they refused, and his Disney fantasy swiftly became a nightmare.

“When I did that, they went insane and flew all over the place – one went downstairs, the others settled back down all around,” Hayes explained. “Eventually, I locked the door and slept in the spare room, leaving them to it.”

The storm stopped after a few hours, and the birds felt safe enough to leave Hayes’ chamber on their own. They did, however, leave a number of “gifts” on the floor and furnishings, which Hayes spent the rest of the night cleaning up.