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This Dog Had Been Treated So Badly That He Was Afraid To Go To A New Home

In Houston, Texas, a dog was discovered by someone on the side of the road. She believed he was dead since he was weak and immovable. The unfortunate animal stirred as the person got closer, letting the visitor know that he was still alive but needed assistance since he had been mistreated so horribly that he was about to give up.

A nearby rescue organization arrived on the scene quickly to take the dog to the vet after the person contacted for assistance right away. The animal, Watson, barely noticed that there were people there to assist him because he was so frail.

“When I approached him, he didn’t even stand up.”

The veterinarian checked the 10-year-old canine, who was found to have a long list of medical issues. He was terribly underweight, with heartworm and heart illness, two separate forms of scabies, missing teeth, and heartworm.

It is thought that Watson spent the most of his life in shackles because of his issues.

Even though Watson was ill, as soon as he was secured at the clinic and was no longer left on his own, he progressively started to demonstrate what a remarkable dog he is.

At the urgent care center, he began to feel a bit better. She never stopped eating, drinking, or wagging her tail.

Houston K911 Rescue picked up Watson and made sure he was content and at ease as he recovered from all of his illnesses.

According to Houston K911 Rescue’s Anna Barbosa:

“Our intention is to serve as the gatekeepers Watson should have had from the beginning. He won’t ever have to live this way again. He didn’t have to.