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A Thai Two-Faced Cat Is Stealing Hearts All Over The Internet

Meet ‘Chimera,’ a beautiful kitty cat from Thailand with a one-of-a-kind characteristic. The cat has a lovable demeanor, and she’s been winning hearts all over the internet recently.

This one-of-a-kind kitty’s moniker is essentially ‘Cat,’ as her owner explained: “Cats call themselves cats,” so there’s really no reason to call a cat anything else.” Cat’s favorite toy is toilet paper, with which she is completely obsessed.

Cat’s two-sided face distinguishes her from other cats; her dual-colored characteristics are most likely the consequence of genetic chimerism, which is caused by the fusion of several fertilized eggs.

Cat the Thai cat is quickly becoming an internet celebrity thanks to her unique two-sided visage.

“She is part Persian and half Scottish,” Eve explained, but the cat’s split colored face in white and grey is what stands out. Her owner remarked, “I think she looks like Harvey Dent from Batman.”

Cat’s favorite pastime is cockroach hunting; it’s a strange thing she does for some reason. “She’s a wild cat that adores toilet paper,” says the narrator. Eve went so far as to say that she had no option but to hide her toilet paper supply because it drives the cat insane.

Eve even stated that if Cat had the ability to talk, she would most likely say:

“If you love me, give me toilet paper,” says one of my admirers.