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This Abandoned Cat Gave Birth To Her Two Babies, They Got Adopted So Fast But Not Their Adorable Mama

Meet this adorable cat named Coco Bean. She was abandoned and a woman noticed this stray cat and decided to bring her into a vet clinic.

Coco Bean was pregnant and she gave birth to her two adorable kittens. Babies have been adopted so fast but their mama not yet.

Mama cat was accepted by a woman for a while and they both love each other.

“She is still under a year old and she LOVES playing. I tied this butterfly toy onto the wire of another toy that fell apart, and she’s been enjoying chasing that around. She also likes the cat dancer and catnip toys. Her favorite, though, is when the toy hides under some sort of blanket or towel and she can pounce on it from above. I have this automatic feather toy that goes around in a circle under a sheet, and she LOVES that”, woman writes to Bored Panda.

Also she is confident. Coco Bean loves to play around and has everyone’s attention.

Cat loves the hats that this woman has created for her. So cute!